We provide a comprehensive professional oven cleaning service that can be done as a one-off service or is inclined as part of an overall clean with our deep clean or end of tenancy cleaning services.

We'll remove the doors

Whenever we can, in order for us to gain better access to your oven, we'll remove the doors and clean them away from the oven. Not only is this more efficient when cleaning the doors but really helps gaining access to the back of the oven itself.

... and the glass

Once the doors have been removed from the oven and if your oven has them, we remove the secondary glass panel to clean the primary glass panel swell as both sides of the secondary, this ensures your oven door is completely clear once it is all back together.

Cleaning the oven

Firstly we remove any of the racks and shelves then place them in bags outside and soak them in cleaning chemicals. Then we remove any baked on debris by scraping. Thirdly we apply an oven cleaning paste on all surfaces the paste we use leaves no fumes. We then repeat this process until the oven is clean.

Hobs, Splashbacks & tiles

The next step is to clean your hob, splash back or tiles and your hood. Ensuring your entire cooking area looks great and is grease free and ready for use.

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