Professional cleaning of your entire home, including your oven, all internal windows, sills and skirting boards, the entire kitchen and your bathrooms.

Over very popular deep cleaning service is aimed at dealing not only with the general cleaning of your home but also paying specific attention to the areas that wouldn't normally be considered when carrying out a daily tidy up and clean such as cleaning the skirting boards, dusting tops of door ledges, removing cobwebs and removing water marks off the shower screen.

Professional Oven Clean

Deep Cleaning Services in Matlock

As part of your deep clean, we can include our professional oven deep cleaning services at discounted rates. We'll give your oven a thorough clean including the glass and racks.


All Internal Windows

Deep Cleaning Services in Matlock

We clean all internal windows and window sills. We wipe down all physically accessible skirting boards, not just run the hoover over them.

We also remove any dust and grease stains from doors, door frames and picture rails whilst removing all cobwebs.

Whole House Hoovered

Deep Cleaning Services in Matlock

We ensure your entire house is hoovered as part of the deep clean making sure all nooks and crannies are covered.

The Whole Kitchen

Professional Cleaners in Bakewell

We'll give your kitchen a comprehensive clean including things such as: All surfaces, Fridge internals and externals, microwave internals and externals, ledges, tops & hoods, skirting boards and the floor.


Professional cleaning agency

We'll give your bathroom a total clean through including the toilet [including the hard to get areas], bath, shower screen [using organic products] window sills and shower traps.


Deep Cleaning Services in Matlock

We clean all household toilets making sure all the hard to get areas are completely sanitised.

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